Have you ever experienced the authenticity of a historic residence? The soul, character, and charm of these places are never the same; each place maintains its own intimate identity. Villa Simeom, perhaps more than other ancient residences.

Being authentic may not be for everyone, authenticity must be desired, it means not compromising and not distorting one’s essence. In the case of Villa Simeom, this means appreciating the imperfections that tell and manifest the signs and experiences of the past, while not forgetting the comforts of the present. Staying at Villa Simeom is a very different experience from what you can live in any perfectly equipped accommodation facility.

Living in Villa Simeom means appreciating the original taste of those who built, lived and grew this architectural gem from 1800 to today, it means living surrounded by priceless works of art and four-poster beds that recall distant times with all the simplicity and warmth of a welcoming, warm and genuine home to take care of during your stay.

Staying at Villa Simeom involves renting the entire villa for a minimum of 2 nights and a maximum of 5 nights.

Spread over two large levels, the Villa has 3 double bedrooms and a room with two single beds, 2 antique sitting rooms, the large reception hall, a dining room, a large professional kitchen, and 3 bathrooms inside.

Externally, it has 7 hectares of parkland, two large and sunny gardens, a swimming pool, a tennis court, an orchard and a vegetable garden cultivated with regenerative agriculture, following a completely natural process that offers the possibility of picking and consuming fruits directly from the plant.