Villa Simeom hosts RIGENERA, an experimental project initially promoted and conducted together with the RIGENERA Aps Association and now permanently conducted in the villa’s gardens. It consists of cultivating about 1300 square meters of synergistic vegetable garden and orchard, created primarily for educational and outreach purposes, following the model of regenerative agriculture. This involves using techniques to regenerate soil fertility, imitating natural processes, applying agroforestry, synergistic agriculture and permaculture principles, and cultivating without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

The project aims to produce healthy and natural foods and to promote a new model of agriculture for environmental recovery and the promotion of sustainable, healthy and balanced rural socio-economic development.

The entire process is mapped through periodic soil chemical analyses and careful data collection to verify not only the improvement of soil fertility but also productivity and the consequent possibility of adapting models of this type to small and medium-sized market-oriented agricultural companies, resulting in improved soil conditions and, more generally, the environmental impact of food production.

The RIGENERA project at Villa Simeom aims to involve schools, technical institutes, and universities, thus promoting outreach through workshops and educational activities at the villa. Beehives have been added to the project to produce honey and promote pollination and biodiversity.

The production of seasonal fruits and vegetables is available to guests of the villa as well as for direct sale to the public.