Treasure Hunt

An outdoor corporate event that takes place within the 6 hectares of parkland surrounding Villa Simeom or throughout the entire municipality. Participants are divided into teams, each with a map of the area.

At each checkpoint, the teams will have to face a challenge. As in the more classic treasure hunt, for every challenge successfully completed, they will receive part of the materials or information necessary to tackle the final challenge and the clue to reach the next checkpoint. Dynamics will be triggered, sometimes competitive, sometimes collaborative, which will allow groups to have fun and compete following unconventional game patterns.

Directing resources, different personalities and skills towards a common goal, facing the path, the challenge, and one’s companions as a constitutive moment of a potential reality. These are just some of the “metaphorical objectives” that this activity addresses.

Orienteering is a time trial in which the competitor, in a team and with the aid of a map, must reach the finish line as quickly as possible by passing through a series of control points that must be reached in the specified order.

It is a very exciting activity in a natural and suggestive setting that goes beyond the boundaries of the villa to expand into the surrounding municipality. This format is capable of generating strong interaction between people, the right team spirit, and a healthy taste for challenge.

Events suitable for 30/60 people