Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Dinner is a role-playing game based on a mystery story. Participants take on the roles of characters who are assigned specific objectives to accomplish. Sometimes they kill, sometimes they investigate, sometimes they die.

During the game, some participants are busy making deals, while others seek revenge for past wrongs, act for an ideal, or pursue self-interest. All participants play a role and interact with each other by moving around Villa Simeom, in the hall hosting the event or in adjacent rooms, wherever it is possible to talk and interact with other players, have private conversations if necessary, or commit a murder, for example.

The group of actors who lead and accompany the game stages a dark mystery, usually featuring a murder, which unfolds during the evening.

The guests, divided into groups, can enjoy their dinner, but they must not miss any detail of what is happening around them, as step by step they will be called upon to discover the clues that will lead to the resolution of the case.

Event suitable for 40/60 people.