Mysteries in the Villa

Mysteries in the Villa is an interactive format, a role-playing game, a real, psychological, cruel journey into the lives and stories that inhabit Villa Simeom.

From thirty to sixty participants divided into teams, the rooms of the Villa, a series of mysteries to be solved with clues suggested by five actors of a saga with dark contours: these are the ingredients of Mysteries in the Villa, an unpublished format designed to test the team during a day or an evening of interactive theater, or if we prefer, of theatrical interaction.

Inspired by the famous board game Cluedo®, the rules of engagement are clear from the start: the spectator-detective teams are given an envelope with a map of the villa, character cards, and everything necessary to investigate the mysterious death of the homeowner, a tragic event that is about to upset an already restless daily routine: two and a half hours to identify the murderer through an investigation path that will require participants to constantly compare and solve puzzles, of pure logic as well as mathematics or general culture, proposed with the right “malice” and irony.

Event suitable for 40/60 people.